Friday, August 06, 2010

Where are you going?

It's been almost a year since I've updated this blog...

I guess I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I wanted to find myself and figure out just what kind of writer I wanted to be. Really understand what God wanted me to do with my passion for words.

I think I found it. So I hope you stay tuned for my new site with my own domain! It's still in the works but I have so many ideas I can't contain them in my brain or my notepad. This is a big change because for awhile I was like the desert in which I live, a dry, unforgiving gulch. I couldn't pick my self up and be the leader, I wasn't even being a follower. I was just standing still waiting. Waiting for what? I don't know but I thought I would figure it out by myself and I was so wrong.

I'm done standing on the sidelines playing with the bench warmers. Put me in coach, I'm ready to play.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green...but it's worth it.

I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t want to be greener—including myself. No one wants to be wasteful and I don’t think you’ll hear too many people say they just don’t care. I imagine it’s more along the lines of they just think it’s all too much.
If they can’t take little Moonbeam Starchild to soccer practice in their solar powered car that’s made out of all organic materials and watch the game sitting in organic hemp chairs while eating fresh produce grown in their backyard using compost they’ve collected themselves and carried in fair-trade cotton sacks then why bother, right?

There are hundreds of reasons climate control is a major issue here are a few that may get you on the green bandwagon. I know, no more good wine or avocados? That's reason enough to drive a Prius right there! (Those of you who didn't click on the 'here' above are probably pretty curious to do so now..)

I personally would love to be wading in the deeper end of the green pool. Right now I would shade myself somewhere between that of a of pear and an olive, subjectively speaking of course. On a day to day basis I don’t really feel like I’m doing a lot however, since moving out of the mid-west and into the west I’ve found myself putting forth way more effort for my family to do their part in the environmental battle.

Maybe because folks seem to care more about water conservation here—or it could be that we live in the desert and don’t have a choice… There is also a larger recycling program here, which has caused me to think a little harder about what I throw into the garbage can. With today being Blog Action Day and their focus being on climate control I thought I’d list a few of the ways my family is starting to take action…

  • A few months ago I started using a more Eco-friendly laundry detergent. Jenny’s Simply Clean is a petroleum free gentle cleaner that breaks down better than most store bought laundry soaps and can be scented into over 15 different fragrances! That's better then Tide any day.

  • I also stopped using dryer sheets and made my own scented dryer balls from wool yarn. JSC has dryer balls you can buy as well if you don’t feel crafty enough to make your own--but it's not hard. Also, instead of expensive fabric softeners I started using white vinegar to soften the clothes. Come to think of it, vinegar has so many uses I could write a whole post on just my love for it.

  • I have been using reusable grocery bags for the majority of my shopping trips and shopping late at night when there are few people in the stores, I’m not really sure how that helps but it helps my sanity and that has to be good for the environment….

  • I cook more at home and use the leftovers to make a variety of meals to avoid waste. I look for products that have less packaging to throw away or packages I can at least reuse once.
  • I just recently took a dress that had a broken zipper and cut it up to make my own fabric memo board complete with a pocket for notepaper…I felt very B. Smith like.

  • Our family loves to take picnic dinners to the park and instead of using paper products we have plastic plates, cups and real silverware that we just wash and reuse; we even have cloth napkins. The kids find it to be quite sophisticated as a matter of fact…

  • I’ve recently become aware of the fair-trade practice of such products as coffee, tea and Shea butter and wind powered websites. I am trying to make a conscious effort to use more products from people and companies who care about our world.

Most of the time I feel like so many others who are overwhelmed with all the facts and studies, the charts and diagrams on how the earth is changing and how we won’t have a lot of the renewable resources we take for granted right now. I think all this little stuff that I do won't really matter.
It Does. It Really Does !!!
I know that not only am I keeping cans out of the landfills, I’m also instilling the pride of earth-ownership in my children. They’re more aware and less wasteful than I was as a child. They know that recycling is a necessity not an option.

Yes, I do drive an SUV and use central air conditioning 10 months out of the year and will probably never be quite as crunchy as a lot of the west coast mamas I’ve run across, nevertheless, I feel that if I keep moving in the right direction adding my many small contributions to the cause, I will still be a part of the solution.

What are you doing?

New Stuff

I'm starting a new series on talking about how we as women can get that spice back in our marriage. Focusing on the everyday issues we all face but sometimes feel totally alone in. Every Wednesday I will suggest some new ways, fresh ideas maybe even some old tricks of the trade to get a stagnant relationship out of the harbour...

Friday, July 17, 2009

How much for that doggy on the blog...?

I don't normally do this here, but I have a really good friend who is selling some pretty cute dogs!

They are $800 - $1,500 ~ willing to trade and barter (we need flooring, painting and landscaping) ~ call to discuss.

Fully papered, champion bloodline ~ 11 weeks old, fat happy and ready for a good home!

Up to date on shots and de-wormed.

Two males left, both are great looking dogs and if you are interested please leave a comment with a valid email address or phone number and I will have someone get a hold of you ASAP. You must be local to Las Vegas or willing to travel here for pick-up and payment...

I sure hope these cute puppies find a great home soon.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tal and Acacia - Clear View

I have seriously fallin' in LOVE with this song. Seriously.

So, of course I had to google them or as I've recently started doing "swagbucking" --i'm sure that's so not a word, yet. I stress the word yet. Anyhoo, I found their website and read all the blog posts on said website and now I'm even more in love with them. I, seriously am crushing on Tal and Acacia...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

August 29, 1958 to June 25, 2009

There are a few people I hope to one day meet and have in-depth conversations with. Jada Pinkett Smith, Jill Scott, Barrack Obama, Prince and Ann Curry are just the ones off the top of my head.

Michael Jackson was one of them.

Not because of his superstar status—then again, maybe that is a part of it… His life was nothing less than fascinating, an anomaly of sorts. How can one person touch so many lives? I mean really, when I say ‘Everybody knows who Michael Jackson is” I can say that and mean it. Of course when you start singing and dancing on television before the age 6, a lot of people will know who you are, but Michael Jackson was the epitome of famous. He took fame to heights others will only ever wish to reach. Way beyond record selling concerts and scores of Grammys, NAACP and AMA awards. There is just something about a person who can do what he did; be so famous and yet such a mystery to the world.

You'll Never Make Me Stay So Take Your Weight Off Of Me

I Know Your Every Move

So Won't You Just Let Me Be

I've Been Here Times Before but I Was Too Blind To See

That You Seduce Every Man

This Time You Won't Seduce Me...

Lyrics from: "Dirty Diana"

When I think of Michael Jackson my first thought is of my Thriller Album—actually I believe it belonged to my mother… Playing it in the basement of my grandparents 1940’s brick bungalow on the old record player that had multi-colored disco bulbs that lit up when the music played. Very retro indeed. The album opened up like a book and inside the “King of Pop” lay with a baby tiger while donning a dapper white suite. For some reason I will always remember the way his left arm looked. The two slim bones stood out on the inside of his wrist and as a 5 year old girl that scared the bejezzus out of me. Thinking back now, I think it showed a glimse of his frailty.

Then I think of that fly gangsta lean he does in the middle of the ‘Smooth Criminal’ video, you know the way he and his surrounding dancers look as though they are being pulled down to the floor by invisable strings, first to the left then to the right…pure perfection.

As I, Turn Up The Collar On My Favourite Winter Coat

This Wind Is Blowin' My Mind

I See The Kids In The Street, With Not Enough To Eat

Who Am I, To Be Blind? Pretending Not To See Their Needs

A Summer's Disregard, A Broken Bottle Top

And One Man's Soul

They Follow Each Other On The Wind Ya' Know' Cause They Got Nowhere To Go

That's Why I Want You To Know

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror

I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer

If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place

Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change...

Lyrics from: "Man in the Mirror"

He infused some pretty hard rock into numerous songs he wrote. Opening up a whole new genre to many people who may have never listened to heavy guitar riffs from people like Slash or Steve Stevens, Michael Jackson was a proverbial music bridge. “Dirty Diana” and “Give in to me” are both at the top of my all time favorite MJ song list.

The ups and downs of his short life will no doubt be broadcasted on every news stand and television channel for at least the next month, if not longer. No one will ever know what happened behind closed doors on that ranch in California but I have my opinions as I’m sure you do too…

So Just Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone(Leave Me Alone)
(Leave Me Alone)Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone
Stop It! Just Stop Doggin' Me Around (Just Stop Doggin' Me)
('Cause There's A Time WhenYou're Right)
(And You Know You MustFight)
Who's Laughing Baby, Don'tYou Know, Girl
(It's The Choice That WeMake)
(And This Choice You WillTake)
Who's Laughin' Baby...
Lyrics from: "Leave me Alone"

For now, let’s remember that this man was just a man. A son, brother, father and to many a friend. No different from you or me but at the same time so very different from anyone who has ever lived. Maybe that was the problem; he was a tormented soul, a genius that will never be fully understood. Surrounded by people who didn’t understand how big his heart was—or did and took advantage of the fact, how naive he surely must have been at one point. When you’ve never really been out in the world, alone to fend for yourself, never teased at school, been in a fist fight with a bully--if you were never able to walk down the street as a “normal person” I think you can’t help but to not know how to ‘be’.

Love is a feeling

Give it when I want it

Quench my desire Cuz I'm on fire

Give it when I want it

Talk to me woman

Give in to me

Give in to me...

Lyrics from: "Give in to me"

I don’t like to think about my own mortality but in times like this I can’t help it. It’s happening on a more frequent basis now that 30 is right around the corner. Memories of people I love who are gone now, along with specific events sprinkled throughout my life could truly have a Michael Jackson music score. Singing off key all the lyrics to "Bad" in the car with my friends or watching the full length Thriller video at the neighbors house and being petrified of the Zombies. T-shirts, backpacks, folders, view finder-- you name it, I had it all …
I just wanna touch and kiss
And I wish that I could be with you tonight
You give me butterflies inside, inside
and I All I gotta say is that I must be dreaming,
can't be real You're not here with me,
still I can feel you near me I caress you,
let you taste us, just so blissful listen I would give you anything baby,
just make my dreams come true
Oh baby you give me butterflies...
Lyrics from: "Butterflies"

The sadness his biggest fans are feeling can’t even come close to what his siblings and parents are feeling at this very moment. Simply because they will always have the smell of his shampoo in their nose and his touch on their back.
Years from now a gentle wind will blow and it will carry with it a gust of memories that will overtake and make them think only of him.... Memories of his smile or of him in his favorite shirt, eating his favorite meal or maybe a joke he told that will still make them belly laugh like he’d just told it….

Night creatures call

And the dead start to walk in their masquerade

Theres no escapin the jaws of the alien this time(they're open wide)

This is the end of your life

They're out to get you, theres demons closing in on every side

They will possess you unless you change the number on your dial

Now is the time for you and I to cuddle close together

All thru the night Ill save you from the terror on the screen,

Ill make you see

That this is thriller, thriller night cause I can thrill you more than any ghost would dare to try Girl,

this is thriller, thriller night So let me hold you tight and share a killer, diller, chiller

Thriller here tonight...

Lyrics from: "Thriller"

My hope is that Lisa Marie Presley will reach out to Michael Jackson’s 3 young children and help them cope with the same kind of loss she too suffered as a young child of an iconic figure.
For the select few who got to be a part of his every day, I hope they didn’t take that for granted.

You got to get it right while you got the time….